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Hi There! Let me introduce myself...

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Since creating the new website I decided to start blogging again! It's been years since I last posted in Vim + Vintage. So I guess here goes nothin... ;)

I'm Nataliya. I know it's hard to remember, so you can call me Nat.

A little about me...

I've been an interior designer for the last 10 years. How would I describe my style? I'm not sure there's an exact term for it, Maybe somewhere between Casual Coastal and Organic Modern. It can definitely be a combination of many things. Mixing white walls with contrasting finishes, embracing clean lines, natural materials, global textiles, and vintage items are my jam. I love interiors that are comfortable, neutral, and classic, yet embrace one of a kind unexpected elements.

I'm originally from Michigan, lived in Florida for 5 years, and now (for the last 7 years!) I call Texas home.

It's funny where life takes us - literally and figuratively!

For the last several years I've been obsessed with world travel. From time to time I 'll talk about it on here! I just love sharing the experiences with others and hope they will feel inspired to buy a ticket to somewhere foreign and exotic. Life is so short.

Last year, I started my online shop, Drift Home Collection, as a way to mix my love for design and travel. I source unique and handmade items from my travels and bring them home to sell! It's heavily specialized on Moroccan items currently (because HELLO, they are amazing!) but I hope to expand to offer more goods from more places in the future. :)

Well that's enough about me! If your'e reading this, drop me a note below. Tell me where you're from and something cool about you! :)

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